新的logo由英國倫敦的Winkreative 品牌代理所設計(才疏學淺,不認識),看網站看起來好像做很大的樣子,但是總是比原來已經滿街都是的taiwan(國旅卡)好多了,看了老外對舊有的logo批評,倒是也不無道理,老外認為就LOGO以書法表現過於陳腔濫調,對於新的LOGO比較簡潔現代比較反應良好,新LOGO也是重義定義台灣,由新聞稿中,有其所要傳達的意思,不單只強調傳統這一個部分。

以下推廣新LOGO發布的新聞稿內容,The new “Taiwan — The Heart of Asia” logo is succinct, and consists of a newly created typeface. It represents the sincerity and innovation of Taiwan’s communications with the world. Taiwan is a fusion of tradition with new trends. Its special characteristics and diversity present what is precisely a microcosm of Asia. Asia’s heart and Taiwan’s warmth are what Taiwan tourism wants to offer tourists from around the world. In the future, all of the Bureau’s promotional material will carry the new logo. Along with the launch of the new logo, the Bureau is presenting a new tune, “Time for Taiwan”, to promote tourism. It will become a new hit among all sectors in Taiwan that are promoting tourism — from government departments to tourism and related industries. The tune, which is composed by Hou Chih-chien, with lyrics by Rei Kuang-hsia and Hou Yi-ping, was launched together with a 30-second promotional cartoon at the same time as the new brand. We hope these new efforts will encourage everyone to recognize Taiwan Tourism’s new brand, new goal, and new mission.
— Press Release

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    新logo 台灣在哪? 好在哪?
    是西方人覺得好? 還是觀光局覺得好?

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